What Does Iran Want?

10 Şubat, 2017 | Genel Haber | GRTC

Each session will consist of a total of 30 minutes with a 10 minute presentation and a 20 minute question and answer session. The speaker will answer the questions directed to him / her by the working group. Session chairman will end the session by concluding the talks.

Iran is seen as one of the most active actors in the region with the possibility of "moderate power" arising from a strong bureaucratic tradition. As it is known, the Afghanistan and Iraq occupation operations that the US carried out in the fight against global terrorism due to the September 11 terrorist attack resulted in the removal of the Taliban and Saddam governments, which provided new opportunity for Tehran administration. In other words, this gave Iran the opportunity to create a large area of ​​influence in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Iran has expanded its political influence in the Middle East with four Arab capitals: Beirut, Sana, Damascus and Baghdad.

Our workshop will focus on what the moderate power instruments of Iran are and how to manage them.

Due to the nuclear treaty signed during the Obama period, Iran has had a chance to re-enter the international system. Having a chance to improve relations with the international community, the Tehran administration has entered a new stage in the post-Trump period in relation to the West.

In our workshop; the following questions will be discussed: "What does Iran want to do with its domestic politics? "What does Iran want to do in the region?"; And "What does Iran want to do with the international system?"

Mustafa ÖNSAY
General president

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