Synergy Meetings - Workshop on Human Definitions

05 Kasım, 2016 | Genel Haber | GRTC

Global Research Thinking Center (GRTC) organised the first of the Sinerji Meetings with the contributions of Kütahya Municipality at Ilıca Harlek Thermal Hotel. Human definitions in classical Islamic Thought The workshop was held on 4-5 November 2016 by 30 academicians who were experts on this subject at various universities in Turkey. GRTC President Mustafa Onsay explained the purpose of the workshop as follows: In GRTC, our main aim objective to carry out studies in education, economy and politics to contribute to New Turkey. In this respect we have to reconsider our knowledge about human beings, we will first examine Classical Islamic Thought and then Western Thought in terms of Human Definitions.

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